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The company's R&D center
is headed by Mr. Su Zhenjiang.
Senior engineer, thermal power specialty of Harbin University of Technology, 30 years of industry experience, years of service to large-scale thermal industry state-owned enterprises
Shangqiu Haiqi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is the technology research and development base and equipment production base of Haiqi Group. It is also the parent company of Haiqi Group. It was founded in 1995 by Mr. Su Zhenjiang (senior engineer, thermal power specialty of Harbin University of Technology). It is a professional institution engaged in the development and utilization of energy, environmental protection, energy-saving technology and related products in China. It is a collection of scientific research and development system. Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise which makes biomass special equipment as a whole.
There are more than 40 R&D personnel, including 1 chief engineer, 5 senior engineers, 5 doctorates, more than 20 technical backbone and master's degree, and more than 10 overseas technical consultants. This is a strong professional team, all graduated from well-known universities of science and technology, specializing in thermal power, biochemistry, petrochemical, mechanical manufacturing, environmental engineering, electrical information, materials and other major disciplines. With abundant and solid theoretical foundation and more than ten years of practical experience, we participated in more than ten large-scale solid waste treatment projects in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Congo, Philippines and Russia. Counseling cooperative enterprise project technical design more than 20 items.
Overseas Technical
R & D Center
The research and development center is divided into three research and development workstations, namely biomass pyrolysis and power generation system, waste mat pyrolysis and power generation system, sludge recycling application system and an overseas integrated technology service center.

Under the leadership of General Soviet Union, all R&D personnel have worked closely to bring their respective advantages into full play. They have not only been at the front of the industry in the field of technology R&D, but also have always taken it as their duty to optimize the treatment of solid wastes and wastes in China.
Shangqiu Haiqi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
A professional organization engaged in the development of energy, environmental protection,
energy-saving technologies and related products
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