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Change the straw from the baggage back to the baby
2017-12-26 18:35:51
Burning, or not burning, this is a problem. In the north, after the joy of autumn harvest, farmers often face this dilemma: straw, smashing? Burn it, the environment will be punished; do not burn it, do not know how to deal with it. The straw problem is more prominent. Over the years, as early as the autumn and winter seasons, localities have often received attention due to straw burning. However, under high pressure, there is still fireworks in the no-burn zone. At the end of October and the beginning of November this year, the author drove to the grassroots for three times, and saw the open burning of straw on the expressway. Some roads are full of smoke, visibility is less than 20 meters, and the window can still smell. What is the crux of burning every year?
In the past, straw can be used to burn wood and feed animals. It is not a treasure. The basic balance of production and sales is not a problem. However, with the improvement of rural production and living standards, more convenient and more efficient fuels and feeds have become popular, and straws are no longer popular. The production and sales are out of balance, and the problem is coming. Direct return to the field? The winter in the north is long, the straw is rotted late, and the fermentation is slow. Take it and sell it? One of the many farmers does not know how to sell, and the cost of packaging and transportation is not low, which is not cost-effective. Therefore, once burned, it became a helpless and realistic choice for farmers.
Turning waste into treasure and turning it into a sparse one is undoubtedly reliable. The local government is actively using the five aspects of fertilizer, feed, fuel, raw materials and base materials to find out the way for straw. However, due to technical and cost reasons, comprehensive utilization is still in the extensive stage. For example, Insufficient quantity of professional agricultural machinery such as turning plows, the cost of smashing and burying land is not low; the added value of straw utilization is not high, resulting in low prices, which is not attractive to farmers; straw collection, packaging, and acquisition systems have not yet been formed, and straw is still sold. Troublesome; logistics, warehousing and other costs are too high, straw utilization enterprises are less profitable, etc. From this point of view, the ban on burning is a table, digestion is difficult, the agricultural socialization service system is imperfect is the root.
The biomass gasifier produced by Haiqi can not only convert straw into clean energy such as flammable gas, but also can crack and gasify various agricultural and forestry wastes and animal manure to produce combustible gas. Find a new way to clean, protect and save energy for straw processing.
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