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The north pushes "coal to gas", how come this winter?
2017-12-07 18:35:51
It is a good thing to change coal to gas, but why is it difficult to advance?
As an alternative to burning loose coal, why is coal-to-gas reform not completed in some places? There are three main reasons. First, the progress of the project is too slow. The second question is "tightness." According to the China National Natural Gas Development Report (2017) issued by the National Energy Administration and other departments, it is estimated that China's annual natural gas consumption in 2017 will be 230.3 billion to 234.3 billion cubic meters, with a growth rate close to 14%. Along with the implementation of “coal to gas”, the demand for natural gas in the north has risen sharply, and the consumption of natural gas has increased substantially, presenting the status quo of “supply in short supply”. Third, although the government has subsidies, many people still feel that they cannot afford it. Take Xingtai City, Hebei Province as an example. “My family has an area of ​​more than 150 square meters. If coal heating is used, it will cost about 1,500 yuan after going to the government subsidy according to the price of last year. After the coal is changed to gas, the average daily cost is more than 40 yuan. During the heating period, it costs about 5,000 yuan. Even if you enjoy the subsidy, you have to pay 4,000 yuan." This has led to more than 660 households in Dawuzhuang Village, Xingtai City, although all have completed the conversion of coal to gas, cooking with natural gas. However, due to price reasons, about half of the people use loose coal for heating.

How can this be done decently?

It is forbidden to use loose coal, and heating can't keep up. In this transitional period, how to do things decently. There may be at least a few things that can be improved. First, it should be recognized that clean heating does not mean “de-coking”. Heating without using inferior loose coal does not mean heating and not burning coal, but burning less coal and burning coal. Wu Hao, the former deputy director of the National Energy Administration, believes that in some places, the pursuit of coal to gas and coal to electricity has not only increased local financial pressure, but also increased residents' heating expenditure. Secondly, since coal has been completely banned, and some places have not been heated yet, you should think about what the measures are and what remedies are. We first thought of electricity. Looking at a very interesting example, the situation in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, is very similar to that in Linyi, Shanxi. More than half of the citizens of Ulaanbaatar live in shanty towns in the north of the city, where there is basically no central heating. Many residents rely on home burning coal for heating, and sulfur dioxide is seriously exceeded. In order to solve this situation and encourage residents to use electric heaters, the Mongolian government cut the country's night electricity price by 50% last year. But it is not enough, it is still not cost-effective to use loose coal, so from this year, Mongolia night electricity tariffs are free. In short, even if it is considered that the current environmental pollution problem has already burned eyebrows, it is imperative to ban coal, and it is necessary to consider how to live during the transition period.
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