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UK Community Power and Beijing Construction Engineering Group visited Haiqi Two Times
2018-08-07 18:35:51
On August 2nd, Nick Kennedy, Managing Director of Communitypower of the United Kingdom, and Yu Dongwen, Chief Director of Beijing Construction Engineering Group Europe, visited Haiqi, and was led by Su Qi, General Manager of Haiqi Group, and He He, Assistant General Manager of the Group. Warm reception, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on cooperation in the field of local domestic waste treatment and organic solid waste treatment in Scotland. Peter Kennedy, chairman of the UK Communitypower group, visited Haiqi in July, and Peter Kennedy said that Haiqi Group's high-paying technology in the field of solid waste pyrolysis gasification is impressive.
Nick Kennedy and Yu Dongwen and his entourage visited the Haiqi Waste Pyrolysis Gasification Power Generation System Test Machine. Haiqi Group Su Manager pointed out that the waste pyrolysis gasification technology developed by Haiqi Group is called the third generation waste treatment technology. "The high combustion temperature, low thermal ignition rate, low amount of nitrogen oxides, small amount of fly ash emissions, low dioxin emissions and low temples", etc., truly realize the harmlessness and reduction of organic solid waste. Resource treatment has significant environmental benefits, and the project has many advantages such as low investment cost, short investment recovery period and good economic benefits.
Nick Kennedy finally stressed that Communitypower invites Haiqi Group to dispatch a technical team to the UK as soon as possible to promote cooperation between the two sides as soon as possible based on local resource advantages and industrial advantages, and contribute to the UK's ecological environment.
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