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Managing Director of WELLING&CROSSLEY, Australia visited Haiqi to inspect waste pyrolysis gasificati
2018-10-13 18:35:51
On October 19th, Robert Date, the managing director of WELLING&CROSSLEY, Australia, and his family came to Haiqi to inspect the domestic waste pyrolysis gasification power generation technology, which was warmly received by the manager Su of Haiqi Group.
The guests visited the Haiqi intelligent waste pyrolysis gasification power generation system equipment, and listened to the operation principle, raw material applicability, technical economy, environmental benefits and industrialization promotion progress of Haiqi pyrolysis gasification technology in actual projects. Introduction.
During the exchange, the visiting guests also exchanged technical research and development on industrial waste, sludge treatment and biomass new energy, as well as project investment income. The guests at the meeting unanimously stated that Haiqi Group's technological innovation in the field of waste pyrolysis gasification treatment is remarkable, and it is worthy of vigorous promotion. It is willing to work with Haiqi to concentrate the resources of all parties and accelerate the harmless reduction and resource treatment of domestic garbage. Landed quickly in Australia.
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