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The National Development and Reform Commission, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture an
2019-04-19 18:35:51
According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration jointly announced the "Guiding Opinions on the Construction of Straw Gasification and Clean Energy Utilization Project" (hereinafter referred to as "Guiding Opinions"). By 2020, a number of straw gasification and clean energy utilization counties will be built, and the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in the region will be more than 85%, effectively replacing rural loose coal, and supplying cooking and cleaning gas to farmers, township schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other public facilities. 

According to the "Guidance Opinions", according to the characteristics of agricultural production and clean energy demand, based on the straw resource endowment and social and economic development level,mainly planned to implement the straw gasification clean energy utilization project in the northern winter heating area and the main grain-producing provinces (districts). A number of counties (districts, municipalities) with large straw production, strong utilization capacity, and good basic conditions are selected as the implementation counties, scientifically formulate construction plans, and rationally plan the project layout, and the gas should be warm, the warmth should be warm, and the scale should be promoted. The construction of straw gasification and clean energy utilization project will build a pattern of “collecting stars into moons”.
The "Guidance Opinion" emphasizes that the implementation of the county should rationally select the process route according to its actual situation. The biomass gas generation and purification equipment can be adapted to the agricultural and forestry wastes with straw as the main raw material. The biomass gas should meet the corresponding standards and can meet the rural conditions. Residents need heating demand; choose industry leading enterprises with strong comprehensive strength in technology, capital, operation management, etc. as the main body of project implementation, and ensure the feasibility and safety of biomass gas into the technical solutions of farmers, industrial boilers and gas power generation. It is necessary to rationally support the resource utilization system of by-products such as biochar, tar, wood vinegar, biogas slurry and biogas slurry to ensure that the end products are fully utilized, avoiding secondary pollution and improving engineering efficiency.

The "Guidance Opinions" pointed out that in view of the current problems of low use of storage, storage and transportation, and low equipment levels in the field of straw stalks, the company has accelerated the cultivation of professional talents and social service organizations for straw storage, storage and transportation. According to the regional industrial layout and the current situation of straw spatial and temporal distribution, construct a standardized storage site for straw storage, equip with specialized equipment for straw storage, storage and transportation, improve incentive measures, establish and improve a comprehensive coverage service network system within the region, and gradually form commercial straw storage and supply. The ability to provide a strong guarantee for the straw gasification clean energy utilization project.
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