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Biomass gasification power generation
Biomass pyrolysis gasifier power plant
The biomass gasification power generation system is mainly composed of gasifier, synggas purification system and internal combustion generator.
Biomass gasification power generation
Biomass gasification power generation
Biomass gasification power generation
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Product Introduction
Biomass gasification power generation refers to the process of converting biomass raw materials into combustible gas in a pyrolysis gasification furnace, and the purified gas enters to genset to generate electricity. Biomass gasification power generation is a new energy equipment that converts various forestry wastes and crop straw into treasure, transforms them into high-quality electric energy and heat energy, and solves the pollution of waste and the rational use of energy.
Raw material requirements: moisture ≤ 20%, size ≤ 10cm
The raw materials are widely used, wood chips, straw, pellet, rice husks, coconut shells, and mushroom dreg can be used.
By-product charcoal, tar, wood vinegar is of high value.
High automation, no need auxiliary fuel, plc intelligent control automatic induction feeding and ash discharging, automatic cleaning.
Gas production and power generation is stable, continuous operation for 24 hours, power generation for own use or grid connection.
The furnace body is well protected, using water circulation to cool down, emergency pneumatic explosion-proof.
The environmental protection advantages are obvious, and the emission of smoke, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides is extremely low.
Biomass gasification power plant technical parameters
Model HQ-100 HQ-200 HQ-300 HQ-400 HQ-500 HQ-600
Power generation (KW) 100 200 300 400 500 600
Frequency voltage 50/60 HZ       220/400/440/6300/6600/11000/13800
Raw material size moisture ≤20%        10mm-100mm
Raw material consumption (Kg/h) 90-160kg   200-320kg    400-600kg 600-800kg  800-1000kg  1000-1300kg
Gas production(Nm3/h) 240-320m3 480-680m3 900-1200m3 1200-1400m3 1600-1800m3 2200-2600m3
Gas heat value 1100-1300Kcal/Nm3
Gas composition CO -19±3% H2 -18±2% CO2 - 8±3% CH4 -6±2% N2 -50%
Generator Model 100GFT 250GFM 300GFM 400GFM 500GFM 600GFM
Number of generators 1 set 1 set 1 set 1 set 1set 1 set
No. Item sub item Quantity unit price


1 cost Raw materials (wood chips) 1500kg/h 0.2/kg 7200 216000 2160000 2953000
manpower 6people 100/d 600 18000 180000
Power consumption 58kw/h 0.75/kw 1044 31300 313000
Maintenance  costs Annual equipment maintenance costs are calculated at 3% of equipment investment, 300,000 per year
2 benefit  Electricity 1000kw/h 0.75/kw 18000 540000 5400000 10800000
Biochar 450kg 1.2/kg 12960 388800 3888000
Wood tar 75kg 0.8/kg 1440     43200 432000
Wood vinegar 300kg 0.5/kg 3600 10800 1080000
The calculation can obtain a profit of RMB 7.447 million per year. The project investment is calculated at RMB15 million ,and the investment can be recovered in 2-3 years (Note: The above parameters are calculated based on 1mw of power generation. The price of the related project is for reference only).
No. Item Unit EU2000 New national standard Measured value
1 CO Mg/m3 50 100 17
2 SO2 Mg/m3 50 80 34.1
3 NOx Mg/m3 200 200 101.1
4 Flue gas blackness Ringelmann 1 level
1 level <1 level
5 Smoke content Mg/m3
10 50 42
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