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Biomass gasifier
Biomass pyrolysis gasifier
Biomass combustible gas can be used to provide heat sources for boilers, dryers, aluminum melting furnaces, etc.
Biomass gasifier
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Product Introduction
Biomass gasification refers to the thermochemical process of converting biomass fuel into a combustible gas and producing charcoal. In this process, water vapor, free oxygen or combined oxygen is thermally chemically reacted with carbon in the fuel to form combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen and low molecular hydrocarbons, and at the same time produce charcoal. The biomass gasification process is complicated, and the gasification reaction conditions are also different. However, all the gasification reaction processes basically include the drying, pyrolysis, oxidation and reduction processes of biomass.
Raw material requirements: moisture ≤ 20%, size ≤ 10cm
The raw materials are widely used, wood chips, straw, pellet, rice husks, coconut shells, and mushroom dreg can be used.
By-product charcoal, tar, wood vinegar is of high value.
High automation, no need auxiliary fuel, plc intelligent control automatic induction feeding and ash discharging, automatic cleaning.
Stable gas production, continuous and stable operation for 24 hours.
The furnace body is well protected, using water circulation to cool down, emergency pneumatic explosion-proof.
The environmental protection advantages are obvious, and the emission of smoke, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides is extremely low.
Category Item HQ-LX1500 HQ-LX1800 HQ-LX2000 HQ-LX2200 HQ-LX2400 HQ-LX2600 HQ-LX3000
Fuel Material consumption 80-140kg 160-280kg 300-400kg 500-600kg 700-800kg 900-1000kg 1200-1500kg
Granularity Wood chips:30-50mm ;Plant straw≤100mm
Moisture <20%
Biomass gas Theoretical output 240-320m3 480-680m3 900-1200m3 1200-1400m3 1600-1800m3 2200-2600m3 2800-3200m3
Mixed gas heating value 1100-1300kcal/m3
Performance Gasification rate
Woody:2-3 m3  Herbs:1-1.5m3 
By-products   Each ton of raw materials can produce charcoal 200-400kg、tar30kg、Wood vinegar250kg
Biomass Gas Composition
Category CO H2 CH4 CO2 N2 O2 CmHn H2S
Content 20-25% 10-13% 2-4% 13% 46% 1% 0.8 16.4mg/Nm3
Analysis table of comparative economic benefits between Haiqi biomass gasifier and other energy sources (taking 10T as an example)
  Heat required  continuity/h Fuel consumption Unit Price RMB/Month RMB/year(10 months)
Diesel 6 Million Kcal/h 24 588.5kg/H ¥6.8 /kg 2881300 28813000
Heavy oil 6 Million Kcal/h 24 631.6kg/H ¥4.8/kg 2182800 21828000
Natural gas 6 Million Kcal/h 24 705m3/h ¥3.5/m³ 1776600 17766000
Biomass gasifier 6 Million Kcal/h 24 2000kg/h ¥0.3/kg 432000 4320000
Note: the above parameters are calculated according to the example of 10-ton boiler, and the relevant fuel price is subject to the local price.
Actual cost of Gasifier
No. Item Sub-Item Q'ty Unit price Consumption/Output  (Day(24h)) Consumption/Output  (month) Consumption/Output  (year(10 months)) Total
1 Consumption Wood chip 2000kg/h 0.3元/kg ¥14,400 ¥432,000 ¥4,320,000 ¥4,320,000
2 Output   charcoal 400kg/h 0.8元/kg ¥7,680 ¥230,400 ¥2,304,000 ¥3,110,400
    wood tar 40kg/h 0.8元/kg ¥768 ¥23,040 ¥230,400  
    wood vinegar 400kg/h 0.2元/kg ¥1,920 ¥57,600 ¥576,000  
3 Actual cost:¥4320000-¥3110400=¥1209600/year
Note: Gasifier using wood chips as raw material will produce by-products, will bring certain economic benefits, so the costs of gasifier in the later operation will be much lower.
Cost saving after changing to gasifier
Traditional energy Monthly net profit after saving Annual net profit after saving
Diesel ¥2881300/month-¥121000/month=¥2760300/month 288130000/year-1210000/year=27603000/year
Heavy oil 2182800/month-121000/month=2061800/month 21828000/year-1210000/year=206180000/year
Natural gas 1776600/month-121000/month=1655600/month 17766000/year-1210000/year=16556000/year
No. Item Unit EU2000 New national standard Measured value
1 CO Mg/m3 50 100 17
2 SO2 Mg/m3 50 80 34.1
3 NOx Mg/m3 200 200 101.1
4 Flue gas blackness Ringelmann 1 level
1 level <1 level
5 Smoke content Mg/m3
10 50 42
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