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Ceramic multi-tube dust collector
Ceramic multi-tube cyclone
Ceramic multi-tube dust collector is a high-efficiency and low-resistance dust-removing device with corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no clogging, long service life, simple operation and management, no cost, no secondary pollution, etc.
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Product Introduction
The dust collector is a cyclone type dust collector. When the dust-containing gas enters the dust remover and passes through the ceramic guide, the dust rotates at a high speed inside the cyclone. Under the action of the centrifugal force, the dust and the gas are separated, and the dust falls in the dust box and is discharged through ash valve, and the purified gas forms a rising swirling flow, which is collected in the plenum through the exhaust pipe, and is discharged from the chimney through the outlet to achieve the dust removing effect.
Suitable for dust control for various models and various combustion modes of industrial boilers and thermal power station boilers, such as chain furnace, reciprocating furnace, boiling furnace, coal pulverizer furnace, pulverized coal furnace, vulcanized bed furnace and so on.
The handling volume is large and the load adaptability is strong. The inside of the ceramic multi-tube dust collector is smooth and durable, and does not cause clogging. The footprint is small, and it can be installed flexibly according to the user's site conditions. It can be placed indoors or outdoors.
Easy installation and management, easy maintenance. Saving maintenance funds, the dust collector basically does not need maintenance.
Ceramic multi-tube dust collector has a long service life and basically has the same life as the boiler.
Because this equipment is composed of ceramic cyclone tube, it is more wear-resistant than cast iron pipe, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistant, so it can also be wet type dust removing.
Compared with cast iron pipe dust collector, it has small resistance, uniform flow rate, high dust removal efficiency, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no blockage, long service life, simple operation management, no cost, no secondary pollution, and light weight, convenient transportation and so on.
Technical Parameters
Model Air flowm³/h Cyclone No.(pcs) Dimension(mm) Matched Boiler Capacity Remark
HQ-DGA-1 3000 4 640*640*3100 1T 1. The ceramic tube adopts the unique technical formula of the company and is fired at 1300 °C; it is resistant to high temperature and wear;
2, the thickness of the steel plate is 2.75mm to 3mm;
3, the interior is filled with insulation materials and acid-resistant castables to strengthen the insulation and fixing between the ceramic tubes, and it is not easy to loosen during transportation and use;
4. The air flow is large, the ceramic liner is smooth and durable, and there is no clogging phenomenon;
5, small footprint, simple installation, only 3 hours, easy to manage, without any operation and maintenance costs;
6. The life of ceramic multi-tube dust collector under normal use is up to 20 years;
7. The above data changes are notified one week in advance.
HQ-DGA-2 6000 8 1260*640*3100 2T
HQ-DGA-4 12000 16 1260*1260*3300 4T
HQ-DGA-6 18000 24 1880*1260*3650 6T
HQ-DGA-8 24000 32 1880*1880*3750 8T
HQ-DGA-10 30000 40 2210*1900*4030 10T
HQ-DGA-15 45000 60 2830*2210*5130 15T
HQ-DGA-20 60000 80 3780*2640*5150 20T
HQ-DGA-25 75000 100 4380*2210*5350 25T
HQ-DGB-1 3000 2 920*680*2850 1T
HQ-DGB-2 6000 4 920*1080*3100 2T
HQ-DGB-4 12000 8 1320*1480*3150 4T
HQ-DGB-6 18000 12 1740*1480*3500 6T
HQ-DGB-8 24000 16 1740*1880*3650 8T
HQ-DGB-10 30000 20 2140*1880*3850 10T
HQ-DGB-15 45000 30 2540*2280*3850 15T
HQ-DGB-20 60000 40 3360*2220*4150 20T
HQ-DGB-25 75000 50 3780*2640*5150 25T
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