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Sludge pyrolysis gasifier
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Product Introduction
The technology uses the heat of sludge itself, and combines a small amount of cheap biomass fuel as a heat source to dry the sludge and greatly reducing the cost of sludge drying. The most costly part of sludge treatment is in the dehydration stage. Through the treatment of pyrolysis gasification technology, the total exhaust gas emissions are 20% of direct incineration, and the harmful gas content is less than 10% of incineration, so the tail gas treatment cost is also greatly reduced, and it is easy to meet environmental emission standards.
Raw material requirements: moisture ≤ 20%
Low processing cost, Haiqi sludge treatment system sludge drying heat source comes from sludge and cheap biomass raw materials themselves, which greatly reduces the cost of sludge dewatering and drying.
10-15t alkali metal slag can be produced per 100t wet sludge. Alkali metal slag is non-toxic and non-radioactive. It can be used to make sponge multicolored bricks, dry mortar for construction, lawn culture medium for greening, etc.
The whole system has no waste water, no waste gas, no waste oil, no heavy metal, no radiation emissions.
The whole system adopts modular assembly and the construction period is short.
Low investment and fast return, truly creating value for customers.
Emissions meet environmental requirements
No. Description Unit Rated Value
1 The temperature of the primary combustion chamber °C 950~1050
2 The outlet temperature of flue gas in the primary combustion chamber °C 600~950
3 The temperature of the secondary combustion chamber °C 950~1100
4 The time of flue gas stays in the secondary chamber s ≥2
5 The outlet temperature of the flue gas in the secondary combustion chamber °C ≥850
6 Outer wall temperature °C ≦50
7 Noise d B(A) ≦85
8 Reduction ratio % ≥86
9 Burning rate % ≦3
Item Leaching toxicity(mg/l) Detection Limit(mg/l) Max leaching toxicity(mg/l)
cyanide 0.18 0.004 1.0
fluoride 0.28 0.05 50
Hg 0.003 0.0005 0.05
Pb N.D 0.001 3
As N.D 0.001 1.5
Cd N.D 0.0005 0.3
Cu 0.29 0.04 50
Zn 0.53 0.03 50
Be N.D 0.002 0.1
Ba 1.05 0.02 100
Ni N.D 0.1 10
 Cr VI 0.02 0.004 1.5
Cr 0.47 0.005 10
No Item Unit Measured value GBT 24602-2009
1 Smoke mg/Nm³ 7.86 80
2 Blackness  Ringelmann <I  Level I 
3 CO mg/Nm³ 48 150
4 NOX mg/Nm³ 82 400
5 SO2 mg/Nm³ 45 260
6 HCl mg/Nm³ 7.3 75
7 Hg mg/Nm³ 0.0033 0.2
8 Cr mg/Nm³ 0.00025 0.1
9 Pb mg/Nm³ 0.0087 1.6
10 Dioxin ngTEQ/Nm³ 0.026 1.0
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