Waste pyrolysis gasifier
Garbage gasifier
Waste pyrolysis gasification refers to the process of breaking macromolecules of organic components in waste without oxygen or less oxygen, producing small molecular gases, tars and residues.
Waste pyrolysis gasifier
Waste pyrolysis gasifier
Waste pyrolysis gasifier
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Product Introduction
Haiqi pyrolysis gasifier uses the principle of pyrolysis gasification to treat waste, ensuring the stability and high efficiency of combustion conditions. It has high combustion temperature and no need any auxiliary fuel. It has the technical advantages of “low reduction rate, low amount of nitrogen oxides, small fly ash emission, and low concentration of dioxin emission” and also has the economical advantages of “simple and compact furnace structure, convenient operation of start-stop furnace, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption, light weight, small floor space and low construction cost”.
Raw material requirements: moisture ≤ 20%
Haiqi Pyrolysis Gasification System apply the two-stage treatment process of waste, first pyrolysis gasification and post-oxygen combustion for the characteristics of garbage, so that the waste is completely burned, and the heat loss rate and leaching toxicity of the residue after treatment is far below national standards.
The amount of fly ash is less than 1% of the amount of waste, which is much lower than the amount of fly ash generated by grate furnace technology and fluidized bed technology, which greatly reduces the secondary pollution caused by garbage disposal.
Pyrolysis gasification react under anaerobic or anoxic conditions, which reduces the formation of dioxin precursors. The temperature in the secondary combustion chamber is as high as 1100 ° C, and the residence time of the flue gas exceeds 2s, which can rapidly decompose dioxins.
Haiqi pyrolysis gasification furnace has its unique structural design. It overcomes the two technical problems of vertical furnace feed uniformity and continuous slag discharge by using the relative rotation of the fuel distribution device and the grate, and maintains the stability of the operating conditions.
The grate works in the low temperature area, avoiding the heat influence of the high temperature on the grate, improving the reliability of the operation of the equipment and prolonging the service life of the equipment.
It has strong adaptability and wide application range. It can handle garbage with high calorific value and waste with low calorific value. It can be applied to the treatment of domestic garbage, and can also be applied to industrial waste, sludge, oil sludge, etc.
Combustible waste after sorting
Waste consumption
Syngas output
Heating supply
(million Kcal/h)
Gasifier diameter
Smoke volume enter into boiler
Secondary combustion chamber
Matched boiler
Steam turbine power output
20 833 2 2.5 ∅2 31833 2*2*6 4 Power generation is not recommended
30 1250 2 3.75 ∅2.6 47750 2.4*2.4*7 6
50 2083 2 6.25 ∅3.3 79583 2.8*2.8*8 10 1.5
100 4167 2 12.5 ∅3.3*2 159167 3.5*3.5*10 20 3
200 8333 2 25 ∅3.3*4 318333 (3.5*3.5*10)*2 20*2 6
No. Description Unit Rated Value
1 The temperature of the primary combustion chamber °C 950~1050
2 The outlet temperature of flue gas in the primary combustion chamber °C 600~950
3 The temperature of the secondary combustion chamber °C 950~1100
4 The time of flue gas stays in the secondary chamber s ≥2
5 The outlet temperature of the flue gas in the secondary combustion chamber °C ≥850
6 Outer wall temperature °C ≦50
7 Noise d B(A) ≦85
8 Reduction ratio % ≥86
9 Burning rate % ≦3
No. Description Unit Measured Value GB18485-2014 New National Standard EU 2000
1 Smoke Dust mg/Nm³ 1.16 20 10
2 Flue Gas Blackness Ringelmann <1 level 1 level 1
3 CO mg/Nm³ 44 100 50
4 NOx mg/Nm³ 55 250 200
5 SO2 mg/Nm³ 30 80 50
6 HCL mg/Nm³ 6.5 50 10
7 Hg mg/Nm³ 0.0027 0.05 0.05
8 Cd mg/Nm³ 0.000076 0.1 ———
9 Pb mg/Nm³ 0.000713 1 ———
10 Dioxins ngTEQ/Nm³ 0.015 0.1 0.1
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