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Equipment R & D and manufacturing
Haiqi Machinery specializes in R&D and manufacturing of core equipment such as pyrolysis gasifier, garbage grab, dust collector, acid removal tower and garbage pretreatment equipment. The construction of the base serves the company's core technology research, engineering business development and operation facilities. And the diversified development of the company provides a strong support and guarantee to further promote the industrialization of the company.
Operation and maintenance
As a special public service, garbage disposal needs to be supported by professional technical and management teams to ensure the reliability of its services. In order to alleviate the pressure of government operation and maintenance, Haiqi Machinery is equipped with an excellent technical management and service team. With its professional advantages, it undertakes in accordance with the O&M method under PPP mode. The operation and maintenance of related projects will improve the operation and management level of the waste plant, thereby improving the quality of service.
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Investment operation
Haiqi Machinery has a very good technical and management team in project investment, construction and operation management. Through standardized market operation and capital operation, PPP investment operation mode actively participates in domestic garbage, industrial waste and distributed biomass. Investment operations for projects such as power generation.
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