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Haiqi biomass burner matches the energy equipment ?
The conditions under which the biomass burner is to be docked with the energy-consuming equipment must be operated under micro-negative pressure. At the beginning of the start-up, the burner is ignited by the feed air supply, and a small amount of smoke is generated when the furnace temperature is low. This kind of flue gas contains a part of combustible gas, and a part of the gas is removed by the micro-negative pressure of the induced draft fan, so that it does not cause an open flame to deflagrate.
For example: the burner is docked to the boiler, the starting and stopping sequence, the ID fan should be activated first. If the induced draft fan stops working when it encounters a fault, or if the site suddenly loses power, it is necessary to open all the openings of the burner in time to exhaust. After the burner has stopped working, the induced draft fan needs to be turned on for about 30 minutes until there is no fuel in the burner chamber.
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