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Characteristics of pyrolysis gasification technology of Haiqi biomass heat carrier sludge
1.Pyrolysis gasification technology originated in Europe and has a history of hundreds of years. It was first applied to coal gas. Since its introduction in 2000, our company has successfully applied to pyrolysis gases such as biomass, domestic garbage and sludge through technological upgrading.2.The technology inherits the advantages of incineration, which can minimize the volume of sludge (80% of water sludge reduction), and there is no problem of heavy metal and pathogenic bacteria-borne diseases, and it just makes up for the large investment and operation of incineration. Several technical defects, such as high cost and high environmental protection, are difficult to deal with, and can solve the problem of difficult processing of agricultural and forestry waste in some areas. 3. The technology utilizes the heat of the sludge itself, and combines a small amount of cheap biomass fuel to dry the sludge as a heat source, which greatly reduces the cost of sludge drying. The most costly part of sludge treatment is in the dehydration stage. Through the treatment of pyrolysis gasification technology, the total exhaust gas generated by the process is 20% of direct incineration, and the harmful gas content is less than 10% of incineration, so the tail gas treatment cost is also greatly reduced, and it is easy to meet environmental emission standards.
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